Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Midas Man

Sometimes we do things because they are sensible. I'm not sure that's a great reason to do anything but we have gone and done the sensible thing and neither of us feeling happy about it. Being as we have permanently settled in Scottsdale, are back to work with horses, and have not been "on the road" since last September we consigned Mary to be sold. The words are even hard to write. Our adventures in RV wonderland have been the highlight of our fun times in the years that we've been together. This blog was created when we bought Mary and chronicles all of the fun and mishaps that we had along the way with her. Being complete novices in the beginning ... John's favorite description of us is that we never had as much as a pop up tent before we bought her ... led to a new appreciation of the term "fool proof." We were the fools in this case. I can't speak for any other make of coach but Monaco has managed to build a truly fool proof machine. Kudos to Monaco and thank you to all of the technicians who helped us through the years. Thank you to April Klein for all of her help and guidance and thank you to the RV gods who kept watch over us as we piled 60,000 miles on her, criss-crossing this gorgeous country time and again.

And if she doesn't sell ... hooray!!!

I stayed home from after our last trip in 2011, which was to Toronto when John judged the Royal Winter Fair in November, until mid June when we packed up and went to the Charity Fair Horse Show in Del Mar. We went in our new truck, Brutus. This was another one of those purchases that went far and above the average, but my husband is always determined to make our dollars work toward the best that we can do. Hence, Brutus. He also bought a four horse trailer which is now being outfitted with cameras so that we can see the horses when we are traveling, see to back up and see to hook up. It has new tires and brakes and a new hydraulic jack so John doesn't have to "crank his arms off." If Mary sells, Brutus will be used in the future for pulling an RV, like a nice fifth wheel. We are determined to be roadies again before we exit the planet!

                                                                 Brutus in Del Mar

For the Del Mar trip we borrowed Ashley Wilson's six horse trailer and hauled two of ours and four of another trainer's horses over to the coast. Del Mar is a spectacular spot on the California coast, a lovely village by the sea. It reminds me a lot of Santa Barbara, which is the geographical love of my life. Being permanent residents of the desert has resulted in blood thinner than water, as it were. While we thought that the break from the hot summer temperatures in Scottsdale would be nice, it turned out that June Gloom had set in on the beautiful Southern California coast and we nearly froze to death the entire week that we were there. I think we saw the sun twice. We took Breezy and Ransom with us and they were treated to two visits to Doggy Beach. It's a small stretch of beach where people can bring their dogs to play off-leash. Ransom had a blast! You would have thought that he was running for Mayor of Doggie Beach. He met and greeted every single dog there (and there were a LOT of them!) and if a new dog showed up he met and greeted them as well. Breezy on the other hand spent most of her time with her head between my knees requesting to go to the "people beach." Regardless of the weather we had a good show and some fun while we were there. We were all happy to get home to the desert and thaw out.

                                                         Ransom at Doggy Beach

John winning a class at Del Mar

June was John's birthday month. He announced it on June 1st to me and to our clients and friends and on every single day thereafter, until his actual birthday on June 21st. We were all about celebrated out by then but I decided to throw a little party in his honor anyway. First he had his private birthday dinner consising of a fresh Dungeness crab with drawn butter and a salad with fresh made (in our Vitamix ... more on that later) Italian dressing.

                                         John's birthday dinner (notice the face on the crab!)

In the happy endings department for June is a rescued dog named Midas. My sister Linda and her husband Rick have been married for over 40 years. They have lived in the Northwest and then the Northeast over those years and are currently residents of the Northwest again. They are both dog lovers of epic proportions and have been the aunt and uncle to my dogs over the years and now to John's and my dogs. Special arrangements are always made so that they can have their dog fix when we see each other. They have been the best auntie and uncle that any dog could want. Over the years I've tried my level best to talk them into getting a dog. I'm living proof that having a dog in your life makes you a happier person by improbable measure. There is nothing like the love of a dog to make you feel like a worthy human being and fill your heart from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night. You feel needed and in exchange for your love and care they pay you exponentially with their love and protection. They make you laugh and fill you up with all things positive. Okay ... that is my best sales pitch. It didn't work on Linda and Rick because they are so kind and practical (the perfect people to be dog parents) that they didn't want to leave a dog all day while they were at work. So Rick decided that he wanted to volunteer at the Humane Society in Portland as a dog walker. He would get his dog fix and help those lovely souls that are waiting to find forever homes. When I found out about this I KNEW he would fall in love with one and have to bring it home. I KNEW IT. Sure enough. The little dog that captured his heart was Midas. His is now Midas Metzger, cousin of Breezy and Ransom Jones and he is busy making their lives full and fun!

                                                           Cousin Midas Metzger

The second installment in happy endings is a little mare named Phicicle. She is one that we raised. She was born three weeks early, got pneumonia and nearly died, but made it and ended up being a pretty little mare who trained well and won some good ribbons in Kentucky. John shipped her out to Arizona for me to ride and show but, as often happens, someone took an interest in her and we sold her. She went to a little girl named Macy Blake in North Carolina.

                        Macy and Phicicle (click on this photo for a close up of love at first sight)

I so sincerely love happy endings!

Until next time...make minute of every precious day count!