Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Photo credit: Rick Metzger 2006
We are getting ready to say goodbye to the hibiscus, orange blossoms, the Indian River and Atlantic Ocean and head west to the desert. It has been a restful and warm winter with the exception of a side trip to Lexington to fix a small disaster in the kitchen of our townhouse. During a big ice storm the hot water valve on the dishwasher broke and it did all kinds of fun stuff to the cabinets, not to mention killing the dishwasher and garbage disposal so we spent two weeks working on that project and checking on our horse herd.
All is well in Lexington so we will be spending the next month on the road in Mary. We will take the same route that we took last year through Louisiana and Texas, stopping at some shows along the way, landing in Scottsdale for a week for the Carousel show and then into California and on to Oregon before we make our way back to Lexington for the spring and summer months. Mary has been wintering in a nice storage place up the road in Sebastian, Florida. We stopped by the other day to begin packing her and found that her hide-away television, located in the front over the cockpit, was stuck in the ceiling. A quick phone call to Bob, our trusty technician at Monaco in Oregon gave us the trick to fix her and in 30 seconds the TV was working perfectly. She is in great shape and we are getting anxious to get rolling again.
Breezy and Ransom have enjoyed their winter too. When we are here we can leave the sliding glass door open so that they can go in and out at their leisure. Well there really isn't much leisure for Breezy being the busy Border Collie that she is but Ransom...he is a sun worshiper! The dog lays around like a little lizard on the pavers by the pool in the afternoons. Even when he gets so warm that he starts panting he will just lay there and soak up sun and heat. Mornings are for chasing each other around the yard and the pool and afternoons for beach walks. As I said, they have had a good winter!
I'm working on a blog for John's business that should be finished in a week or two. We have a handy dandy little video camera made by Kodak that is about the size of a cell phone. It takes great videos and doesn't require disks or anything other than plugging it into my computer and downloading the video to email or upload to the blog so expect to see some video of our horses and horses that we video in our travels.
I will be keeping this blog updated regularly on our tour around the country so check back often. I hope you all had a safe and cozy winter! Spring is just 21 days away and for we daylight lovers Daylight Savings time starts in TEN DAYS!! YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!